IPD Attempting to Identify Strong Armed Robbery Suspect

IPD detectives are attempting the identify a suspect of a strong armed robbery that occurred on 11/9/20 at a parking lot in the 4000 block of S. Bolger Road in Independence, MO. The victim was walking in the parking lot area of the businesses when a red early 1990’s Dodge Ram 1500, with a partial license starting with “2U”, tinted windows, black spray painted bumper, a homemade single racing stripe down the center of the hood, and rust on passenger side, pulled up next to her. The single occupant, possibly a white male, reached out and grabbed the victim’s purse and attempted to drive off. The victim became entangled with her purse and she was dragged approximately 100 yards through the parking lot. The victim sustained road rash injuries but did retain her purse. Police say while the image is extremely blurry, they believe this detailed description of the vehicle will be adequate in helping them identify the vehicle. If you know where they can locate the vehicle or have any information about its owner, call the Tips Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS, IPD tips at 325-7777 or email leads@indepmo.org
IPD Case #2020-74253

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