Arkansas Man Sentenced to Two Life Sentences in Child Rape Case

A 64-year-old Arkansas man has been sentenced to serve two life sentences for the statutory rape of his child in a Blue Springs residence, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today. 

A Jackson County judge on Thursday sentenced Victor Robert Libeer, dob: 10/20/1954, to serve consecutive life sentences on top of a 7-year-sentence already ordered in Arkansas.

According to court records, the abuse of a child in his home by the defendant began years earlier in a Blue Springs residence. The abuse came to light initially after the child became pregnant and gave birth when she was 16. The baby was the defendant’s child, police learned. The victim told police detectives that the abuse began as early as when she was 10. The victim told police he raped her, possibly a dozen times, after telling her that if she loved him, she “would do it for him.”

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